Many countries or ISPs (Internet Service Providers) around the world block or limit the access of citizen to web-sites, resources (P2P network) etc. This is done with different techniques (read ONI / About Filtering for more informations).

Aims of the service

Actually, automated test is only about web-sites. We aim also to:

We aim to do this check as automatic as possible, to ensure real-time feedback and neutrality of results.

How it works

The service is based on the collection of information through the "probes", or volunteers who run software that contacts the server to know which tests to perform, execute them, and send the results to the server.

An optimal result would be the presence of probes for most providers.

The same service checks the domains (reference probe), to assess the results of probes of the volunteers.

The service also collects/manages a list of known DNS services, and query it in order to identify DNS blocks.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sites under control?

The sites to be monitored are specified directly by the community.

Some lists of sites are obtained by performing interrogation of the DNS server of the provider lists.

So you have lists of sites blocked by the ISP?

Compile the lists is one of the objectives of the service.

Please note that our list is dynamic, and domains which no longer exist are removed.

There are some blocks, such as, which are specified by the provider, but not on our list, as that domain no longer exists.

Do you offer a list of blocked sites?

No. The system controls every known address, in order to calculate statistics.

But to the public it will only show the overall statistics, and a list of addresses which are considered public.

The staff service is about deciding which addresses are private and which public.

This is because the purpose of the service is NOT to be "a guide" to illegal websites, or to promote reported websites.

Can i suggest a web site to check?

Yes, using this page.

Note that the site specified will be checked, but it will not be visible to the public.

To view the results, we recommend that you save the url of the page which will be shown.

Do you give information about how to skip or bypass the blocks?

Not directly, not the aim of the project.

We allow discussions about this in our forums, as there are many online guides on using alternative DNS, proxy, etc..

My provider isn't checked, why?

Data is collected through volunteers who run a software probe, by the provider.

If your provider is not present, it means that we do not have a probe that controls it.

You can become a volunteer, by downloading from here the software probe (free, open-source, GPL).

Advanced FAQ

Is the service automatic or doeas manual intervention occur?

The staff can manage the results. There are websites that:

This means that it is difficult to compare, in terms of content, the result of a probe with the outcome of the probe of references, in order to identify whether there is a blockade.

Also the same issue applies to DNS resolution: some domains, such as "", depending on various factors, are resolved with different IP addresses.

If in doubt, an inconsistency is treated as if it were the correct result, to avoid false negatives, and reported to the staff, who will carry out a manual validation.

IP addresses typically used as destinations of DNS blocks are directly regarded as blocks, without the intervention of our staff.

Miscellaneous Notes

* = Dati non in tempo reale (giornalieri)

Net Neutrality Monitor - Monitor and analysis in real-time of the censorship systems used by Internet Service Providers.

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