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NomeISP-Line ISP-DNS ISP-Latest testCNTPercentuale di quanti test non riescono a raggiungere il sitoDNSPercentuale di quanti test risolvono i domini in modo erratoTipo di sonda'base'=Solo lista pubblica; 'full'=Tutte le liste
DNS - - CHcisel.chchdnsonlycisel.chch5 years ago2014-05-17 18:03:15n.d.n.d.dns-bot
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guest50SuspendedRefresh requested8
private30SuspendedSuspended5 years ago2014-05-17 18:03:156 years ago2013-07-31 20:15:291354
private30SuspendedRefresh requested5 years ago2014-05-17 18:03:1545199
public10SuspendedSuspended5 years ago2014-05-17 17:02:5633
public10SuspendedRefresh requested5 years ago2014-05-17 17:02:56405
research100SuspendedSuspended5 years ago2014-05-17 18:03:15101758
research100SuspendedRefresh requested5 years ago2014-05-17 17:03:00312460
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