DNS servers under our control

Here you can view the DNS servers valid (recursion enabled) known by us.

Only few domains are checked for this servers. Interesting DNS server become full DNS probes after a manual selection.

Click on a country to view the full list for the selected country.


IPCountryISPNotesLast checkDetection dateProbed
chbluewin.ch?4 years ago2015-11-26 02:09:2010 years ago2009-12-13 12:16:30No
chbluewin.ch?4 years ago2015-11-25 20:12:5810 years ago2009-12-14 08:16:24No{detected}4 years ago2015-12-02 03:30:124 years ago2015-09-18 17:54:21No
chchkz.net{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 09:29:247 years ago2012-07-27 19:57:31No
chcisel.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 07:10:258 years ago2011-03-09 11:18:58No
chcomtronic.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-26 07:56:125 years ago2014-04-10 14:06:12No
chdatacomm.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 05:35:088 years ago2011-02-25 15:25:20No
chdatacomm.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-26 11:10:3610 years ago2009-12-13 19:57:37No
chdataway.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 14:40:304 years ago2015-04-10 14:57:09No
chdataway.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 14:39:494 years ago2015-04-10 14:57:06No
chgfms.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-26 00:01:547 years ago2012-01-24 14:42:43No
chhelion.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-12-02 09:28:424 years ago2015-12-02 01:45:46No
chinternetone.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 18:55:388 years ago2011-12-04 01:08:42No
chisno-ripe{detected}4 years ago2015-12-01 16:36:084 years ago2015-09-18 11:36:01No
chisno-ripe{detected}4 years ago2015-12-01 22:10:164 years ago2015-09-18 11:36:01No
chisponeder.com{detected}4 years ago2015-11-30 08:35:334 years ago2015-04-16 20:44:04No
chit-schwerin.de{detected}4 years ago2015-11-23 12:53:165 years ago2014-04-15 17:36:54No
chjowaag.net{detected}4 years ago2015-12-02 08:35:444 years ago2015-12-02 01:50:49No{detected}4 years ago2015-11-28 02:08:494 years ago2015-11-27 13:27:01No{detected}4 years ago2015-12-02 09:07:544 years ago2015-12-01 15:42:30No
chleunet.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-26 08:13:077 years ago2012-06-20 15:58:12No
chlimmatdruck.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 13:53:554 years ago2015-11-16 11:24:57No
chmonzoon.net{detected}4 years ago2015-11-26 11:09:0410 years ago2009-12-30 13:53:19No
chmonzoon.net{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 05:28:4310 years ago2009-12-13 10:28:48No
chnewday.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-30 01:47:445 years ago2014-03-16 22:51:32No
chsceur.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 17:46:149 years ago2010-06-30 23:24:46No
chsceur.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 22:31:369 years ago2010-10-24 11:19:14No
chsl-reverse.com{detected}4 years ago2015-12-01 20:55:084 years ago2015-10-26 12:47:03No
chsoftlayer.com{detected}4 years ago2015-11-28 05:42:304 years ago2015-10-07 01:25:15No
chsoftlayer.com{detected}4 years ago2015-12-01 23:46:314 years ago2015-09-20 05:38:56No
chsoftlayer.com{detected}4 years ago2015-11-23 08:57:324 years ago2015-04-08 10:42:57No
chsoftlayer.com{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 12:07:354 years ago2015-04-10 12:54:23No
chsoftlayer.com{detected}4 years ago2015-12-02 01:53:424 years ago2015-09-21 07:34:58No
chswisscom.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-12-01 01:38:154 years ago2015-05-15 21:31:04No
chswisscom.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-30 06:53:174 years ago2015-10-16 18:42:47No{detected}4 years ago2015-11-26 01:32:304 years ago2015-11-24 22:43:14No
chtura.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-30 00:03:014 years ago2015-04-16 16:13:08No
chzugernet.ch{detected}4 years ago2015-11-30 09:35:004 years ago2015-10-09 16:52:10No{detected}4 years ago2015-11-25 05:36:217 years ago2012-06-06 20:47:56No
* = Dati non in tempo reale (giornalieri)

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